2018 Grand Marshals


2017 Grand Marshal

Tam Welch

Santa Cruz Pride is proud to announce Tam Welch as Grand Marshal for the 2017 festival and parade.

As stated by one of their students, “Tam is an unsung queer-oes of our Santa Cruz community. They have done remarkable work for over a decade with the local queer community - providing tremendous support for queer students and has mentored dozens of queer students in building their practical and social skills (beyond academy) - supporting and teaching them how to live in the world after college. Tam has been an advocate, particularly for queer students of colour, and intermediary for students with university administration.”

Born in Korea, Tam grew up in Miami, Florida in a large, non-traditional, multi-ethnic family, which required excellent go-with-the-flow and multi-tasking--two skills that are essential for success. They are a parent and call Santa Cruz home. They love the beaches, redwoods, biking, traveling and the LGBTQ+ community!

Tam started at UCSC's Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center as the Program Coordinator in 2002 and then the 6 Resource Centers as the Gender and Sexuality Specialist in 2013.  Much of their time has been spent at UCSC, advising, teaching, organizing or leading students in building an inclusive community. They also spend considerable time working with students on educational, political, and organizational aspects within the LGBTQIA+ communities and working on ways to create spaces for healing from gendered violence.

It is with great honor that we commemorate Tam Welch with the title of Santa Cruz Pride 2017 Grand Marshal.