44th Annual Santa Cruz Pride

Parade Monitor Information and Application

Igniting Strong Voices!

Thank you for volunteering in support of Santa Cruz Pride. This event could not happen without the assistance and volunteers like you. Training date are below. Morning-of information will provide closer to the day of Pride.

Monitor Information

Monitor Training REQUIRED!

All monitors and drivers must attend one of the training sessions at the Diversity Center:

  • Monday, May 28 6:00 - 7:00 pm

  • Tuesday, May 29 6:00 - 7:00 pm

Training sessions last about an hour and will cover everything monitors need to know to do the job well.

Monitor Check-in

Sunday June 3, 2018
Vehicle Monitor Check-in:  9:30am
Parade Monitor Check-in: 10:00am

Parade Monitor Guidelines


  • Ensure your safety, the safety of contingents, the safety of spectators.
  • Items may NOT be handed out, scattered, or thrown to people during the parade; candy, pamphlets, stickers, etc.
  • Contingents and spectators may NOT have open containers or consume alcohol at the parade.
  • Protect plants, fences or other property from damage.
  • Vehicle monitors should walk a minimum of one arm’s length from all Parade vehicles at the wheel well of the vehicle.
  • Drivers will stop if people or objects come within 5 feet on either side or 10 feet of the front or rear of their vehicle.
  • Please keep spectators on the concrete curb or sidewalk (off of asphalt road.)
  • Do not engage with difficult spectators!  Call/radio for help from a Police Officer of Parade Committee member.
  • You are OBSERVERS and REPORTERS; Please do not place yourself at risk or danger.


Please report to the Volunteer Booth in the festival grounds immediately following the parade to return vest, walkies, and debrief.

Let us know how it went. Enjoy the rest of the festival! 

Thank you for making this a safe, happy and nonviolent event.  Enjoy!


Monitors Are Needed!

All contingents are asked to provide monitors. Without monitors we would not be able to have a parade. The City of Santa Cruz is supportive of our presence, and one way we reciprocate is by meeting all permit terms - including providing safety monitors at intersections and along the Parade route.

Number of Monitors

Type of Contingent

  • Walking Unit of fewer than 10 people (providing monitors encouraged)
  • Walking Unit of 10 or more (minimum of 3 monitors)
  • Performing Unit (minimum of 3 monitors)
  • Vehicle Unit (minimum of 5 monitors including driver)
  • Motorcycle Unit (monitors encouraged)

For more information, or if you have a question, email our Parade Coordinator. 

Monitor Application

Monitor's Name *
Monitor's Name
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Monitor's Phone
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I would like to help by volunteering as a
Parade Barricade Monitor
Redirects traffic away from the parade route at the locations marked by barricades and cones at the ends of side streets along the parade route. Should be 18 or older, unless accompanied by an adult. No children. Should be able to physically move a barricade.
Festival Barricade Monitor
Restricts traffic from entering Festival Grounds at the locations marked by barricades and cones at the entrances to the festival and end of side streets along the festival area. Should be 18 or older, unless accompanied by an adult. No children. Should be able to physically move a barricade.
Parade Contingent Monitor
Walks with/between groups of contingents to help monitor and ensure safety for Parade participants and on-lookers.
Parade Vehicle Monitor