Past Grand Marshals

What are Grand Marshals? 

Each year, we ask one or two people who have given extraordinary service to the Santa Cruz Queer community to lead our Pride Parade as Grand Marshal.  

2017 – TamWelch
2016 – Patti Maxine and Adrian Viloria
2015 - Jennifer Hastings, M.D. and Alejandra Santiago
2014 - Tom Ellison & Larry Friedman
2013 - Kathy Goldenkranz and Stuart Rosenstein
2012 - Kai Azada & Richard Baldwin and Jane Schwickerath
2011 - Grace Gallego
2010 - Monica Morales and Lulu & Kathy Manus

2009 - Terri Gilbert and Glen Schaller
2008 - Merrie Shaller & Natalie Steinberg
2007 - Terry Cavanagh and Shekhinah Mountainwater
2006 - Denny Carroll & Bob Correa and Margaret Leonard & Clare Sheils
2005 - Kayla Rose and Maurice Carillo & Curt Keyer 

2004 - Mabel Teng and Mel White
2003 - John Laird* and Cece Pinheiro
2002 - Fred Keeley
2001 - Fred Friedman and Karen Sommerfeld
2000 - Pioneers (organizers of 1975 Pride)

1999 - Gabriel and Mark Grantham & Mike Tossy
1998 - Jerry Solomon and Mardi Wormhoudt
1997 - Rebecca Adams and John Laird*
1996 - Kwai Lam and Tracye Lea Lawson
1995 - Jo Kenny & Gloria Nieto

1994 - Marie Henley and Jay Walker
1993 - Mardi Brown
1992 - Bill Colvig & Lou Harrison  
1991 - Gary Reynolds


How our Grand Marshal honor began

Gary Reynolds was a young gay activist in Santa Cruz who worked on queer and HIV/AIDS issues in the 80s and the early 90s; he was outspoken (which is an understatement), passionate, honest, brave, smart and absolutely unwilling to be silenced. In 1990, Gary was co-MC at Queer pride; when the Queer Pride committee realized the next year that Gary might not be well enough to march, it decided to create the position of Grand Marshal so that Gary could ride. Gary lived long enough to lead the march, then died late that night at the age of 27; his death was on the front page of the Sentinel - and he would have loved that.

* One Time Only Rule

People who have served as Grand Marshal for our parade before are not eligible for this once-in-a-lifetime honor.

(This rule was established in 2004.)