43rd Annual Santa Cruz Pride

2017 Booth Pricing


Online payment for booth space is required at the time of application submission. There is no additional fee for online processing. A major credit card is required.

Booth Pricing

Booth sales are now closed. We are sold out. See you next year!

(Early Sales Pricing is no longer in effect)
Late non-sale pricing started May 15, 2017
Space is NO LONGER available

Booth prices are for a 10'x10' space.
If you wish to have more space then you must pay for an additional booth space.

Non-Profit Information Booth

  • EARLY: $55
  • LATE: $80

Non-Profit Merchandise/Raffle Booth

  • EARLY: $80+5% fee
  • LATE: $110+5% fee

Food Truck

Standard Information Booth (Information booths for any group that is NOT a non-profit)

  • EARLY: $120
  • LATE: $170

Artisan Merchandise/Raffle Booth (No store front, sells items at fairs, festivals, etc only)

  • EARLY $130+10% fee
  • LATE $180+10% fee

Small Business Merchandise/Raffle Booth (Businesses operated out of 1 location)

  • EARLY $200+10% fee
  • LATE: $250+10% fee

Commercial Business Merchandise/Raffle Booth (Corporate vendors, businesses operated out of more than 1 location)

  • EARLY: $275+10% fee
  • LATE: $350+10% fee